Intelligent POS machine meets all-round wisdom business needs of merchants

- Mar 19, 2019-

Smart phones, smart TV, smart audio, smart city... With the rapid development of Internet technology, big data algorithm has been widely used in life, and we have entered an era of intelligence. All kinds of intelligent products and services have brought unprecedented changes to our lives. Nowadays, the function of smart payment terminal is no longer limited to helping merchants collect money, but also to helping merchants collect consumer information, analyze consumer needs, and complete the operation of smart stores. With the application and innovation of new technology, intelligent POS has been upgraded to a management tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Intelligent POS is an intelligent store management terminal based on Internet, Lakara cloud platform and virtual cloud computing. Innovation and integration of payment, membership management, card marketing and other intelligent functions, one-stop business to meet the transfer, repayment and other needs at the same time, carrying a large number of APP downloads, fully help business smart store management.

Apart from the function of credit card payment of traditional POS, the intelligent POS also supports various payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay and so on. Whether it is credit card, card, card or wallet, two dimensional code, NPC payment, it has brought great convenience to mobile payment.

For merchants, the built-in membership marketing function of intelligent POS machine can help stores realize the transformation from consumers to store members, and merchants can enhance the interaction between stores and members through preferential activities and coupon grants, so as to gain more profits.

With the coverage of intelligent payment, payment terminal equipment is no longer a mere cash assistant role, but also the "strongest brain" for merchants to collect and manage orders, member marketing and store management analysis and statistics.

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