Instruction of Thermal Printer Installation

- Sep 25, 2017-

The installation of the pos thermal printer is generally divided into two parts, one is the printer with the pos computer connection, the other is installed in the operating system inside the printer driver.


If you are installing a USB interface printer, the installation of the host computer and the printer without the case, directly to the USB cable printer, the other end connected to the computer's USB interface on it.


Follow the steps above to connect the printer to the computer, then turn on the printer and turn on the computer.


After entering the operating system, the system will prompt to find a printer, the system to install the printer driver can use the printer. Now the operating system (such as Windows XP) with their own many printer drivers, you can automatically install most of the common printer driver. If the operating system does not have this printer driver, you need to drive the drive disk (floppy disk or CD-ROM) into the computer inside, and then according to the system prompts to install.

 step 1.png

step 2 and 3.png

step 4 5 6.png

If the printer is not connected to the local POS computer, but connected to other POS computers (the local computer through the network using other computers on the printer), then select the [network], the printer is not connected to the local computer, printer.


In this example, select the local printer. Click [Next], the system will provide a list of printer manufacturers and printer models, you can use the Windows operating system to provide the print driver, select the printer driver in the list, and then click [next] The If the operating system is Windows 7/8, when the USB printer connection into the computer's USB interface, the system will be able to install the printer included in the printer driver, if the operating system is Windows 7/8. Will prompt to find a new printer, follow the prompts to drive CD-ROM inside the CD-ROM, click the [next] button, then the system began to search the printer driver, after a while the system to find the printer driver, Click the [next] button, then the system starts copying files from the CD, install the driver, and finally prompted the installation is complete, click the [Finish] button.

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