Infrared touch screen common faults and troubleshooting

- Jul 26, 2019-

1. Do not double-click on the sensitive screen to turn on the infrared screen calibration program to adjust its sensitivity, and lower the sensitivity.

     2. Under what circumstances there will be drift phenomenon. Because the working principle of the infrared screen is based on infrared rays, it usually acts as a touch when the sleeves and other objects touch the infrared screen (for example, when the touch screen is touched by hand, the sleeves are also the same. Point to the screen, the mouse pointer will not be in the position of the finger point, this problem is not drift phenomenon).

     3. Under what circumstances to calibrate the touch screen, if you are installing the touch all-in-one for the first time or your computer's resolution has changed, you must recalibrate the touch screen. The calibration method is as follows: Click the “Calibration” button. When the calibration interface is displayed, click the icon on the interface. When the calibration is completed, the calibration interface will disappear automatically. The data generated after calibration will take effect immediately. If you feel that the calibration is not performing well, you can calibrate it multiple times until the pointer tracking is working well. Then press the "Confirm" button.

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