Industrial tablet used on medical self-service terminal equipment.

- Apr 10, 2019-

In this information age, various convenience services have also been implemented in the medical and banking sectors, solving problems such as long queue times. With the advent of the medical self-service inquiry machine, a small machine changed the bad habits of the Chinese people. In the current hospital, the personnel who handle the business sit in the rest area in an orderly manner to summon. The person who wants to catch the stuff is also helpless when he looks at the number in his hand. Therefore, it has changed the bad atmosphere in the past. Self-checking industrial tablet PCs as the biggest contribution to reform and opening up can be said to be deserved.

These years of economic development is the biggest gain, and some people say that it is the development of science and technology. The final result is that the above development only changes the life of a person. With the industrial tablet self-checking machine, the phenomenon of uncivilized is becoming less and less, people's queuing is becoming more and more standardized, and society is more civilized. The customer goes to the window to handle: the customer in the rest area goes to the designated window to handle the business according to the display information and voice prompts.

The medical industry tablet computer is used for medical self-service inquiry terminal, which can realize functions such as payment, magnetic stripe card sensing and printing. Good dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof function, support 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. The sensitive touch method provides customers with a convenient operation experience, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the hospital, and bid farewell to the long time and long queues.

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