Industrial display in the application of water dispenser

- Apr 15, 2019-

For the word drinking fountain, I believe that everyone should be familiar with it, contact and use every day, infiltrating the combination of water purifier and industrial display, large-flux filter to ensure the speed of water filtration, meet the needs of many people drinking water Xiaobian and you discuss together.

1. The water dispenser is a device that uses power as the power, can be filled with pure water according to people's needs, warms or cools, and is convenient for people to drink. It brings great convenience to people's lives, and with the society Development has become more and more popular and is widely used in homes, offices and public places.

2. The existing water dispenser mainly comprises a water dispenser body, a water inlet at the top of the water dispenser body, a water storage tank, a hot water bladder and/or a cold water bladder, and a corresponding heating device detachably mounted inside the water dispenser body. Or refrigeration unit, barreled pure water. After flowing into the water storage tank from the water inlet, respectively, the hot water bladder and/or the cold water bladder are respectively fed, and the heating device and/or the cooling device respectively heat or cool the hot water bladder and/or the cold water bladder to warm the purified water therein or Cooling to meet the requirements of people, and can be discharged from the corresponding hot water outlet or cold water outlet, bringing great convenience to people's lives.

3. The combination of industrial display and water dispenser greatly improves the use function. An audio signal output port for electrically connecting the display to an external audio device is disposed on the body of the water dispenser. A touch screen capable of controlling the display is disposed on the screen of the display. Of course, it is also possible to set a receiver that can receive a remote control signal on the display, and control the display to achieve more functions through the remote control signal.

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