Industrial application of Dot Matrix Printer and thermal Printers

- May 19, 2018-

Industrial application of Dot Matrix Printer and thermal Printers


Thermal printer Category: thermal printers, dot matrix printers.

Thermal type printer products are widely used in transportation, commerce, hotels, banks, and catering service industries. With the gradual maturity of micro-users in the country, users are constantly pursuing micro printing performance requirements.

The main use of thermal printers: shopping mall tickets, shopping tickets, medical equipment, banking equipment, Queue and so on.

The main use of Dot matrix Impact printer: tax control, invoices, taxi tickets and so on.

The  difference of dot matrix type & thermal printer

Thermal printer: Thermal head heat, so that changes in thermal paper, the formation of text content printed on the paper, printing speed, thermal head maintenance is relatively simple. (Printed receipt will disappear due to changes in time or temperature, but using advanced thermal paper can still preserve the text.)

Dot Matrix printer: beat the ribbon from the print pin, forming the text content is printed on the paper, the print speed is relatively slow, the needle print head maintenance is more complex, and the price is more expensive (printed text can remain the same long-term).

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