How to Use Serial Pos Barcode Scanner

- Jun 12, 2018-

        How to Use Serial Pos Barcode Scanner

How to use serial scanner? How to connect RS232 cable with scanner? Most users may already be accustomed to using plug-and-play USB scanners, but they are unfamiliar with serial scanners and don't know how to connect them. Below, let us to learn how to use the serial scanner!


   First, let me simply popularize the bar code scanner interface knowledge. The most commonly used interfaces for barcode scanners are classified into three types: serial ports, PS/2 and USB interfaces, as shown in the figure above.  


The serial port is also called RS232 interface or COM interface. The first two interface serial ports (RS232) and PS/2 do not need to be driven, so we only need to connect the serial port scanner to the computer terminal to start using it. In addition, we need to pay attention to the fact that serial ports generally cannot provide power, an external power supply is required. The following is the connection method of RS232 serial data cable and barcode gun and computer:


Step 1) Connect the device interface of the serial data cable to the barcode scanner.

Step 2) Connect the host interface of the serial cable to the host.

Step 3) Connect the serial cable to the barcode scanner through the power adapter.

Step 4) Connect the adapter The output (round hole end) is inserted into the corresponding position of the serial data line, and the other end is inserted into the 220V power socket.

After completing the above 4 steps, you can start using the bar code scanning gun with a common interface. We usually open a notepad or Word, Excel, etc. directly on the computer, then click on the blank space to see the mouse. Light changes occur in the blank space (above picture), then the bar code scanner sweeps the bar code of the product, and then the bar code number appears at the cursor.


   What we need to pay attention to is that serial barcode scanners cannot use Notepad, Word, etc., it can only be found in HyperTerminal. If your computer is an XP system, you can open them in turn, [Start][Accessories][Communication] - [Super Terminal], as shown in the figure, and then fill in a name, click OK, you can start scanning, this is the use of serial scanners.

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