How to use Barcode Scanner perfectly

- Jul 03, 2019-


   In fact, when using a barcode scanner for barcode scanning, there are some tricks. As long as you master it, you can easily scan the barcode.

 Barcode Scanner

   1. When scanning, please make sure that the scanning window and the barcode maintain a certain inclination, so as to achieve the fastest and most accurate scanning effect;

   2. At the time of scanning, the angle between the scanner and the bar code cannot be 90 degrees, otherwise the scan code decoding work cannot be performed normally;

   3. When scanning, please make sure that the light emitted by the scanner is completely covered on the barcode. That is to say, the barcode should be scanned for complete scanning, so that the barcode information can be interpreted by the scanner. ;

   4. The distance between the scanning head and the bar code should be chosen well. From far and near, find a suitable distance. Each scan is placed near this distance.

   Because the types of barcodes are different, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, etc., and the shape and length are different, so when you use the 2D barcode scanner to scan the barcode, you must pay attention to choose the angle, the general The distance is about 10cm, so it can be decoded perfectly.

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