How to solve common faults of supermarket cash registers

- Jan 09, 2020-

1. The cash register freezes when working:

Judgment rule: Usually the cash register suddenly stops at a certain position during normal operation, and the keyboard can't make any response. At this time, the machine can be judged to be dead.

Cause of failure: There are many reasons for the crash. Overheating of the chip and other major components will cause the crash.

Inspection method: First check whether the power supply fan and chip fan are operating normally. If the speed is too low, it can be determined that the chip or power supply temperature is too high and the cash register will crash; then the devices need to be replaced one by one for testing

2. The cash register is in a stand-alone state:

Judgment rule: Generally, when the cash register fails to connect to the F drive when it is working, it cannot connect to the server. When the cash collection program is displayed as a stand-alone device, it can be determined that the cash register is in a stand-alone state.

Reason for failure: host failure, network failure, background failure

Inspection method: First of all, it is necessary to determine the failure point. When the cash register is single, the network cable of the cash register can be exchanged with other cash registers that can be networked normally. If the network can be connected, it can be judged as a non-host fault. For non-host failure, you can interchange the network cable interface of the machine on the HUB with the network cable interface of other cash registers that are normally connected. It is determined that the network cable is faulty. If the network cable is replaced after replacement, it can be determined that the network cable port is loose; if the normal host and the network cable cannot be networked after the interchange, and the problem host can be networked, the network cable socket can be determined to be faulty. The specific fault point judgment relationship is as follows:

3. Printer jam:

Judgment rule: When the printer is powered on, the printing paper cannot enter the paper path normally and the ERROR red light on the control board is lit.

Cause: Debris in the paper path, sensor damage

Inspection method: pat the bottom of the printer after turning it over, and try again after debris is poured out.

Note: Before putting the printing paper in the paper path, lay the roll paper on the side, and then use it after handling some debris (the debris may affect the paper feed, wear the gear, etc.)

4. Other characteristic faults:

Characteristic failure refers to the failure of the printer, monitor, keyboard, etc., which can be determined by simple device replacement tests. For example: the printer breaks the needle, the printer does not respond when printing the receipt, the printer is not powered, the display is dim, or there is no signal display (ie The monitor has a green light and the brightness and contrast have been adjusted to the maximum and still cannot be displayed), the keyboard can not type (the keyboard cable and the motherboard keyboard port, the keyboard film are normal,), press the cash box key can not open the cash box, etc. belong to this category Failures are checked by replacing the equipment.

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