How to solve common faults of supermarket cash registers

- Jan 09, 2020-

1. The cash register time is wrong:

Judgment rule: When the time displayed on the cash register is in the normal state of payment, the time displayed is not consistent with the normal time, it can be judged that the time of the machine is wrong

Cause of failure: The cash register is started before the SCO server, the cash register is single, and the program is wrong

Inspection method: First, when the time of the cash register is found to be wrong, restart the cash register into the cash collection system immediately. If the time is still wrong, you can check whether it is a stand-alone device. For a stand-alone device, refer to (1). About the cash register Check by single machine method; if it is online, it can be judged as a program failure. At this time, you can enter CMOS to modify the time of the machine. The specific method is as follows: Connect the PC keyboard at the cash register and press the DELETE key to enter the CMOS setting at the beginning. , Select the first file, move the cursor to DATE and TIME, use PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN keys to modify the content to the correct date and time, and then restart the cash register.

2. The customer display cannot show:

Judgment rule: The customer display cannot be displayed suddenly, and it can be determined that the customer display is faulty.

Cause of failure: customer display aging, program changes, host interface damage, COM3 port damage

Inspection method: Connect the customer's display to the host that can display normally. Check whether it can be displayed normally. If it can display normally, replace the host interface and COM3 port one by one. If the hardware replacement is no problem, check the program.

Remarks: Except for the equipment guaranteed by Mailcom, the hardware of the customer's display is not repaired.

3. The cash register display is off:

Judgment rule: Usually when the power is turned on when all parts of the cash register are connected normally, the host has been powered on but the display shows no signal output (shown as a red light on the display). At this time, whether or not the host sends an abnormal alarm The sound is judged to be dark

Cause of failure: The main possibility that usually causes this failure is that the plug-ins are not tightly inserted, or the main board is short-circuited somewhere, or the main components are damaged, which causes the main board electrical circuit to be short-circuited.

Inspection method: first unplug the pluggable device in the host and then reinsert it. If there is no effect, then you can unplug the main components in the host, and connect the power while keeping only the chip, memory and power connection. Here If it still does not light up, it can be judged that it has nothing to do with whether it is plugged in tightly. You can replace the memory and chip of the normal cash register to make a power connection attempt. In this case, it still does not light up, and the chip and memory in other machines can work normally. Damaged, go to the company to replace the motherboard. If it can be turned on with the minimum equipment, you need to plug each component into the motherboard one by one to confirm whether the equipment is damaged. If the equipment is not lit when it is plugged in, it can be determined that the equipment is damaged.

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