How to Set Up the Subscreen Desktop for Double Screen Cashier?

- Feb 21, 2019-

1: Desktop right-click properties, and then graphics card advanced settings inside.

2: Set it up in the cash register software.

3: First of all, your POS software supports double screen display.

4: The operation mode of each cash register system will be somewhat different. Take Mermaid system as an example, the second screen should be added to the equipment management first.

5: Add the second screen and don't forget to wire the hardware.

6: In the system settings - the second screen directly set the second screen photos, select the display mode, so you can.

Dual screens generally refer to flip phones with two screens inside and outside, also refers to a computer host connected to two monitors, can be equipped with keyboard and mouse. Each monitor operates independently and does not affect each other.

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