How to set up the Cash Drawer

- May 23, 2019-

The cash box must be paired with the printer for normal use, and the printer must have a cash drawer signal interface.

If the operating system is DOS, Godson, LINUX, please select the parallel port printer; if the operating system is WINDOWS, you can choose parallel port, serial printer.

First, DOS, Godson, LINUX version, only need to connect the signal line on the cash box to the printer's cash box signal interface, and then correctly set the cash register item in the software. During the operation of the software, when the checkout is printed, the cash box is automatically opened.

Second, the WINDOWS version, first connect the signal cable on the cash box to the printer's cash box signal interface, and then install the printer's WINDOWS driver. After the driver is successfully installed, configure the printer's properties: 1). Start Menu - Settings - Printer 2). In the window that opens, select the name of the printer, right click to view its properties 3). In the properties window, select the "Basic Settings" item, check the box "Print the money box after printing", click the Apply button ,Save Settings.

Third, enter the software, set the cash register item correctly in the setting interface. The cash box can be used normally.

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