How to set up the cash box to automatically bounce off a small ticket?

- Jan 17, 2019-

  1.  First open the cashier software, enter the cashier code - the cashier password - click on the POS settings.

  2. Select the peripheral type setting after entering.

  3. After entering, you can see that there are many settings, POS type, printer port, printer options, cash box and so on.

  4. Start setting below, printer port, LPT selects LPT, USB interface selects USB, com interface selects com port, choose according to your actual situation.

  5. Next, set the cash box, you can see LPT, COM, cash box card, brand cash box, etc., you can set according to your actual situation. Under normal circumstances, the cash box interface and printer interface are the same, except for some brand cash boxes.

  6. Now that the setup is complete, you can go to the checkout interface and test it.

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