How to Save the Retail! Smart Pos machine into focus

- Jun 05, 2018-

Why did the entity die?

There are many reasons for the overall decline of physical stores: rising rents, labor, high taxes and other high costs, super-saturated competition with the industry, e-commerce increasingly mainstream, lack of service capabilities, etc., but the reason behind these reasons is only one: the Internet.


In fact, no matter how advanced e-commerce is, it still cannot bridge the gap with physical stores. Although the online product price is cheaper than the physical store and the express delivery is convenient, the quality cannot be guaranteed and the user experience value decreases. Therefore, customer experience is a hurdle to e-commerce operations. This is where e-commerce seeks the whereabouts of the line in the past year. It is also the core of real-estate business owners who have experienced the impact. Even the e-commerce giants Taobao, Jingdong, and Amazon have all deployed non-stop offline stores!

Faced with the impact of e-commerce, physical retail, whether it is transformation or innovation, the key lies in the customer as the center, how to make up for the experience that e-commerce cannot provide, and further improve the store's services, directly affecting the profitability and integration of physical retail Chips. The general direction is clear. Now consider how to survive.

 Smart cashier machine into focus

Payment is a bridge of information between customers and businesses. Each payment is a communication, which is the starting point of service and the beginning of the next single business.


The cash register integrated machine manufactured by Carav Company is based on "All in one, High performance" and is pioneering and innovating in products. It is widely used in O2O enterprises, payment companies, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, clothing, logistics and other industries.

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