How to remove the CPU fan?

- Jun 20, 2019-

How to remove the CPU fan?

If you want to adjust the noise and clean the dust to the CPU fan, you need to know how to remove the CPU fan of the computer/All in one windows POS machine.

CPU fans generally have two fixing methods:

one is fixed with a screw and a pad, so that after the fan is removed, the pad and the screw are not aligned, which is a little difficult; 

the other is directly buckled, Like the general clothes off the card, this is a little better to remove some, generally can be removed, first remove the motherboard screws, and then directly remove the CPU fan.

In general, to remove the computer cpu fan, first remove the fan and the base of the connected fan, the fan is screwed to the base, the base is connected to the motherboard with a clip; after the fan and the base are removed, it is the CPU There is a pressure bar next to it, look at the direction, lift the pressure bar, and take the CPU out vertically. The entire CPU fan is removed. But the whole process still needs a friend who has a slightly stronger ability to do it, otherwise it may not be restored.


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