How to quickly improve efficiency in the new era?

- Apr 19, 2019-

In a digital, information-based city, the development of the real economy, focusing on manufacturing, and difficulties in manufacturing. As the foundation and important pillar of national governance, including five key projects of national manufacturing innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base, and high-end equipment innovation, in order to solve the key common technologies that have long-term constraints on the development of key areas, break through a batch Iconic products and technologies that enhance the overall competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. So what is the embodiment of industrial tablet PCs in face recognition?

1. Since the bank uses face recognition technology and other biometric recognition technologies, it has natural unique advantages in practical applications: it can be directly accessed by the camera, and the recognition process can be completed in a non-contact manner, which is convenient and quick. The face recognition technology currently used by banks has been applied in the fields of finance, education, scenic spots, travel transportation, and social security.

2. The face recognition technology used by the bank, after obtaining the entire face image in the living body detection and identification section, and then scanning the identification ID card to obtain the ID card avatar, the scene face and the ID card The face is compared and identified to determine whether it is the same face, which can be quickly analyzed through background data.

3. Includes intelligent video surveillance systems in public places. In public places facing various types of people, public places use face recognition technology to identify pretenders, which can enhance the security of public business places. Identifying people in public places can quickly find the target population.

       The combination of face recognition function and industrial tablet PC highlights the application of Chinese technology in various fields, and also helps the strong demand for automatic identity authentication in various industries. The technology of feature recognition has developed rapidly in recent years.

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