How to quickly enter goods into the pos terminal

- Apr 18, 2018-

How to quickly enter goods into the pos terminal



   After purchasing a pos terminal, many people have the most troublesome task of entering all the products in the store, especially large and medium sized supermarkets, cause there are many types of products. It is a headache to record product information into the pos terminal.

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How to quickly enter the goods to the pos terminal?



   1. According to the common product entry method, many people manually enter the product barcode in the pos software to save the product. Manually inputting the product barcode is far less efficient than using the scanner to scan the commodity code to automatically identify the product. Therefore, when entering goods into the pos terminal, using barcode scanner will greatly improve efficiency.


    2. In order to improve the collection efficiency of the pos terminal, after the third generation of pos terminal in the market, the pos terminals are all touch-sensitive, and the operating efficiency is much higher than that of the mouse and keyboard. With this type of payment, entering the product is no exception. Touch screen pos terminal will be faster than entering items by the mouse and keyboard.



   3. The operating speed of the pos terminal also affects the efficiency of product entry. If the configuration is too low, the operation is not always smooth and there are occasional blue screen failures. So chosing a good pos terminal will also need a better hardware configuration.

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