How to purchase wall hanging bracket?

- Oct 22, 2019-

Although the flat-panel TV is much thinner than the traditional CRT, it still weighs some. A 42-inch LCD TV weighs up to 35 kg, which is equivalent to the weight of 4 1.5-piece split air-conditioner indoor units. If the installation is not good, it is likely to fall from the wall, with serious consequences.Because this should choose flat-panel TV to hang on wall, the problem that notices is very much.Above all, choose a proper wall to hang bracket is very important, such hang bracket must pass strict computation above the design and test for many times, intensity and durable respect have safeguard quite.

The following should be noted when selecting a hanger:

First, pay attention to the classification of flat-panel TV hangers. Currently, hangers on the market are mainly divided into adjustable Angle hangers and fixed Angle hangers.Adjustable Angle is hanged frame it is to be able to adjust ornamental Angle as one pleases commonly, fixed Angle hangs frame it is to change Angle hard once installation.Users should choose according to their own needs before purchasing.

The 2nd, wall of flat-panel TV hangs frame to should assure the maintenance after installation flat-panel TV, maintain convenient, below the premise that does not destroy installation face, installation is worn, disassemble easily. 

Third, wall mount mount rack, fastener and the metal parts that may produce adverse effect to safety, environmental protection must be soldered firmly or connected.And must be anti-rust treatment, the use of other materials should have enough anti-rust ability.

Fourthly, when purchasing the wall mounting rack, check whether the mounting rack includes wall connecting part, product connecting part, fastener part, installation diagram and operation instructions.

Fifthly, if self-made mounting rack is adopted, its bearing capacity shall be guaranteed not to be lower than 4 times of the actual bearing weight.

Sixth, according to the investigation, a set of pylants conforming to the FDMI standard of the international VESA organization cost 400-600 yuan, and the non-standard pylants cost only about 20 yuan.In order to save cost, some enterprises adopt the means of cutting corners to make simple hanger, hidden danger is huge.Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the hanger conforms to international standards when purchasing.Generally speaking, the hanger designed in accordance with the standard of FDMI (video product bracket suspension) is made of no. 45 high quality steel, which is made of good material.In addition, there is a case of special TV.For example, sharp's LCD-46G7, because it needs special technology, its hanger is imported from Japan, so it is very expensive.

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