How to open cash drawer connected to printer

- Jun 07, 2018-

Many customers who have problems with printers because they don't know how to set the driver,

so the next few articles we focus on how to set up a printer driver.

Now most of the label printer will have cashbox interface system, Many customer when install the driver,printing test page or with their own software to print, cashbox didn't pop up, 

try to repeat many times, the box is not open, think that there is something wrong with the printer, just call customer service for help.

Cash drawer

To enable the printer to open the Cash drawer, the following two conditions should be met:

1) Matching Cash Drawer

In the market is divided into 12V/1A and 24V/1A. The output of thermal printer is also divided into 12V/1A and 24V/1A. Therefore, the Cash Drawer must match the printer. For example, a printer with 12V/1A output cannot open the 24V/1A Cash Drawer.

2) Send the Cash Drawer command to the printer

If use drive print must be set in the driver in printers and faxes - > right printer driver - > properties - > preferences - > paper/quality - > set in the media, 

Open the money box before printing, open the money box after printing. If we choose to 

open the  Cash Drawer before printing, the printer will open it first and then print the sent content.

If the above conditions are met and the Cash Drawer cannot be opened, then there is a problem with the Cash Drawer  or printer  driver.

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