How to manage the convenience store cashier?

- Jan 12, 2020-

Convenience store checkout counters are the areas most intimate with consumers, which directly affect the overall image and sales performance of convenience stores. Then, how to manage the convenience store checkout counters and make it play a greater role?

1. Do cashier training well

Most newcomers are unfamiliar with cash registers and systems, and there are many unexpected situations at the cash register. Improper handling will greatly defeat the self-confidence of the cashier.

Do a good job of training, including how to use the code scanning gun, how to take over the shift, how to open and close the cash box, how to bag, change the procedures for small change, the handling of special products, inventory and so on. In addition to these institutionalized content, it also includes some interactive training: including polite language, skills and methods to deal with consumer complaints, facial expressions, standing posture and talking, etc., which need to be continuously cultivated and consolidated through regular training after taking office.

2. Appropriate decentralization

When an unexpected situation occurs, the cashiers in most stores have less power, which makes it impossible to respond to consumer needs and objections in a timely manner. In fact, most cashiers don't like working like machines, but prefer to make their own judgments better.

Authorization can solve this problem very well. Consumers' rights should be appropriately delegated to cashiers. For example, consumers can send coupons when they purchase a certain amount of money. But this is not enough. Cashiers need to have the tools to make these decisions to assist. Let's talk about the cashier tools.

Skilled product placement makes consumers buy more

1.New products

Some niche products that need to be promoted are prominently placed at the checkout counters, which are introduced by the way when checking out for consumers, increasing consumer awareness of new products;

2. Promotional products

Seasonal hot-sale products, holiday promotions.

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