How to make the pos screen display not reflective?

- Oct 16, 2019-

Mobile phones, computers, TVs and other 3C products hide the two eye killers of splash screen and blue light. The splash screen can cause eye fatigue and deepen myopia, while blue light can cause macular degeneration and even blindness. At present, 99% of the monitors on the market are splash screens. If you are facing the screen for 8 hours, you will be flashed at least 5.76 million times a day! Blue light is visible light with strong energy close to ultraviolet light. It can directly penetrate the lens and reach the retina. Blue light is easy to cause early-onset eye disease, which is a big cause of blindness.

Of course, as a screen protector, the anti-blue tempered film also has the characteristics of a fine tempered film, such as anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, good venting - easy to paste and other functions, can protect the phone very well. Even if the crushing is a dense mesh, there is no glass shard, which is a measure to achieve the tempering effect of tempering.

The second strong technology has high requirements for environmental protection qualifications. Many manufacturers do not have the qualification to be the second strongest. Even if they have environmental protection qualifications, some manufacturers have saved this process in order to save costs, and the darkness left in the process of CNC and cold carving. If it is not repaired, the tempered film will be broken when it is touched. The US 0 degree eye protection screen after the second strong, so that the dark wounds and scratches are repaired, the tempered film is not easy to break the edge, you can use 64g steel ball to drop the ball at a height of 1500mm.

As part of visible light, blue light exists in our lives. Fluorescent lamps, mobile phones, digital products, and LED lighting lamps contain excessive amounts of blue light. The 0 degree anti-blue tempering film can effectively block blue light and protect the deep retina of the eye by using Japan's top nano multi-layer laminated anti-blue film, which is of great significance for preventing eye lesions. Since the launch of anti-blue tempered film, high-end materials, high-end production, and efforts to create a good practical screen protective film is trusted by many users.

If you have "obsessive-compulsive disorder" and don't feel uncomfortable, you can do this: change frequently, scratches on the film, change the film, or paste it badly, don't let it go, throw it away!

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