How to install and drive POS cash register

- Jan 09, 2020-

First, the principle of opening the POS cash drawer is very simple, that is, send a 12V pulse signal to the cash drawer (some cash drawers are 24V), and the cash drawer is opened. The cash drawer is large or small, but its interface is different. Some are similar to telephone line connectors, some are only two wires, some are COM ports, and some are LPT ports. The installation and connection methods are also different. Software The driving method is also different.

There are generally three ways of installation:

The first type: 

if there is a receipt printer, the cash drawer driver interface is provided on the back of the general receipt printer. Connect the RJ11 connector (similar to a telephone line connector) of the cash drawer to the driver interface on the back of the receipt printer. On the COM port or LPT port, and then send a signal to the COM or LPT port through software, so that the cash drawer can be opened; and the drive command that drives the cash drawer is sent through the receipt printer, so it has nothing to do with the cash drawer. The supplier of the receipt printer will provide you with instructions for driving the cash drawer for this model of printer, and you can add this instruction to your POS front-end software. STAR receipt printer driver instruction CHR (27) + "p" + CHR (07) EPSON and TP-POS58 receipt printer driver instruction CHR (27) + "p" + CHR (0) + CHR (60) + CHR ( 255)

The second type: 

if you do n’t use a receipt printer, you generally need to buy a cash drawer driver card. This card is equipped with a floppy disk for you. The floppy disk has an EXE file (such as OPEN.COM file) to execute the cash drawer. You only need to connect the cash drawer to the cash drawer card (the interface is similar to the COM port, some is similar to the LPT port, some is the R11 interface, and some are directly connected to two wires), and then the command is called in your software program , The cash drawer card will send a current pulse to the cash drawer, so that the cash drawer can be opened. It may be because the interface of the cash drawer and the interface card of the cash drawer will be different, resulting in a connection failure, because we have seen that the cash drawer has only two wires and there are no connectors. Don't worry at this time, because the interface of the cash drawer is only composed of two wires, one is positive and the other is negative. The same is true for the cash drawer interface card, as long as it is connected correctly.

The third type: 

on some industrial control computer motherboards or brand POS machines, it will have a COM port that can provide 12V current, then you can directly connect the cash box to this interface, but this cash box must be a COM port connector Cash box, and the software is also simple, just send a signal to the COM port, but this signal has a password, which can be set according to customer needs.

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