How to Indentiy the Quality of Pos Barcode Scanner

- Apr 23, 2018-

  How to identify the quality of Pos Barcode scanner

Bar code scanners are an integral part of supermarket pos machine. How to match a good barcode scanner with Pos? Let me tell you how to choose pos scanner.


Barcode scanners have several important parameters that you should pay more attention to,  also an identification point for the quality of the scanner:


1, Resolution

The resolution is to detect the width of the narrowest symbol read in correctly, for the bar code scanning system, . The English is Minimal Bar WIDTH (abbreviated as MBW). When selecting a device, it is not high resolution that is better, it should be selected based on the bar code density used in the specific application. If the resolution is too high, the influence of blemishes, de-inking, etc. on the stripe will be more serious.


2, Scanning width

The scan width index refers to the physical length of the barcode information that can be read by the scanning beam at a given scanning distance.


3, Scanning depth of field

Scanning depth of field ,which is the effective working range of the bar code scanner. Some bar code scanner do not give the scanning depth of field index in the technical specifications, but give the scanning distance, which is the shortest distance from the scanning head to the surface of the bar code.


4, Scanning speed

The scanning speed means the scanning frequency of the scanning light on the scanning trajectory per unit.


5, a Recognition rate

The primary recognition rate indicates the ratio of the number of tags scanned for the first scan to the total number of scanned tags. For example, the first recognition rate is 50%, if the information for each barcode label read needs to be scanned twice. From the perspective of practical applications, it is hoped that each scan can pass, but unfortunately, it is impossible to require a recognition rate of 100% at one time, due to a variety of factors. 


6, Bit Error rate

BER is an extremely important test indicator that reflects the misidentification of a machine's identifiable tag system. The bit error rate is equal to the ratio of the number of false identifications to the total number of identifications. For a bar code system, the bit error rate is a more serious problem than the low one-time recognition rate. 

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