How to Improve the Response Speed of Touch Screen Pos All In One

- Jul 24, 2018-

How to Improve the Response Speed of Touch Screen POS All in one

         How to improve the response speed of the touch all-in-one? What are the responsiveness of the touch all-in-one? The response speed of the touch pos machine also refers to the refresh rate of the touch-one machine, the refresh rate of  touch pos is faster, the response speed will faster.

          The touch-one refresh rate is the number of times the touch screen controller measures the touch in one second and reports it back to the host processor. The higher the refresh rate, the more x and y direction data coordinates the device collects in a shorter amount of time, providing a responsive user experience. Most consumer electronics products require a touch controller with a refresh rate greater than 100 Hz or about 10 ms. Specific applications such as digital tablets or POS cash registers even require higher refresh rates to capture and recognize signatures and strokes that slide quickly.

        For large screens, maintaining a fast refresh rate is challenging because the touch controller needs to scan a larger surface area, collect data from all nodes, and then process the data. The refresh rate is mainly affected by two major factors: the scanning speed of the screen and the processing speed of the scanned data. With the same sensor characteristics (3108 vs. 275), the number of nodes on a 17-inch screen is 11 times greater than that on a 5-inch screen. In order to maintain the user experience of the 5-inch screen, the 17-inch screen requires more powerful scanning and processing capabilities.

       One way to solve the scanning problem is to make sure that the touch controller has enough receiving channels to scan the entire screen at once.

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