How to Do When the Pos Systems Touch Function is No Response

- Apr 14, 2018-

How to do when the Pos Systems touch function is no response


When we touch the pos system,but touch screen function no response, if it still failed after estart the pos device, what should we do? First, do not worry,  then you should use a mouse to use it first, solve the problem after the in-store operation is over. What caused the touch problem for the pos cash register?


First of all, we must check whether the touch screen cable of the cash register is loose or not tight. Generally, the touch screen line can be seen on the interface of the cash register. A USB interface is commonly used. Exclusion is that the USB cable is loose and check whether the touch drive runs normally. You can arrange fthe relevant pos supplier to help you reinstall a touch driver, If the touch driver is accidentally deleted or there is a problem.


It is very likely that there is a problem with pos touch screen, If you exclude the above two reasons. You need to replace the defective touch screen or return back to Factory.


      Our Pos System use 10 Point Multi Touch Screen with Tanwan Controller, long time life.

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