How to do when the monitor does not work properly

- Feb 20, 2020-

1. Can't light up?

The display is black and the power indicator is off. The judgment method is divided into two steps:

A. First check if the display power switch is turned on;

B. Is the monitor power cable connected properly: Is the power plug and 220V AC socket in good contact? If the contact is good, the display can be judged to be faulty.

2. The picture is geometrically distorted?

The performance is that the corners of the display screen are not straight, and the edges of the screen are curved or tilted. It is judged in two steps:

A. Restore the initial value of the factory, with the display facing east;

B. Correct the tilt, trapezoid, line shape, amplitude, etc. through the control menu. After the adjustment, the corners are still out of range, and it is basically determined that the display is faulty.

3. The screen is black?

The performance is that the display is black and the power indicator is on. It is judged in two steps:

A. When adjusting, first adjust the brightness and contrast knobs to observe whether the screen has light and dark changes, and eliminate the situation where the brightness and contrast are turned off and the black screen is closed;

B. If the screen is always black when adjusting the brightness and contrast knobs, check whether the signal cable from the host to the display is plugged in properly, with or without breakage or disconnection. After confirming that the signal cable is connected properly, please change the host test to see if there is a black screen problem. If so, it can basically be determined that the display is faulty.

4. The color is pure? 

It is characterized by screen color cast, colored patches and so on. 

Detection step: Degaussing rotation direction to replace the host monochrome debugging, whether the screen has obvious color spots.

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