How to Do when the Barcode Scanner canot Scan the Barcode

- Apr 13, 2018-

    How to Do when the Barcode Scanner canot Scan the Barcode

Pos Barcode Scanners is one of the common peripherals for pos cash registers. They are commonly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and tobacco hotels. It can read the product name and price by scanning the bar code above the product, it is very convenient for pos hanware and software, It is highly favored by the supermarket industry. How to do when the barcode scanner can not scan code?


    First of all, confirm whether pos scanner has a sound during scanning. That is, there will be a "drop" sound if when it scan the bar code sucessfully, if no "drop" sound., please do the following as below:


    (1) Whether the scanner is operating incorrectly, the scanning distance is too close or too far from the bar code.


    (2) Scanned bar code system donot not turned on in the scanner.


    (3) The bar code itself, it is unclear, damaged, or distorted.


    If there is a "drop" sound, then do as the fllowing:


    (1) Check if there is a problem with the data cable. Try another new cable.


(2) Whether the scanner is Serial port scanner, if yes,the barcode scanner needs to be tested in the HyperTerminal.

(3) Checking the PC port, and baut rate set is right or not.

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