How to do when Pos monitor no Signal

- Apr 15, 2020-

  Some of our customers who encounter no signal on the Pos monitor, so what are the specific way?

Pos monitor

  Please kindly check the following situations:

  1. First, check whether the external wiring of the pos is well connected, and plug each connection again to see if the fault is eliminated.

  2. If the fault persists, then open the case to check , short circuit caused by the deformation of board, smell the burnt paste in the chassis, whether there are burned chips on the PCB board.

  3. Same issue, please unplug the reset line, other switches and indicator wires on the motherboard, and then use a screwdriver short circuit switch to see if it can be turned on.

  4.  If it cannot be turned on, then use the minimum system method to unplug the data cables of the hard disk, floppy drive, and optical drive, and then check whether the computer can be turned on. If the computer display shows a startup screen, it means that the problem is in these devices. Then connect more than one piece of equipment to the computer one by one. When a piece of equipment is connected, the fault reappears, indicating that the fault is caused by this device, and finally focus on checking this device.

   6. If the fault persists, the fault may be caused by devices such as memory, graphics card, CPU, motherboard, etc. Then use the plug-in method and swap method to check whether the memory, graphics card, CPU and other devices are normal. If there is a damaged device, replace the damaged device.

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