How to do when Pos display Splash

- Jun 20, 2019-

   When using PC for a long time, the POS Display or PC Display is easy to flash, what should we do? Let me introduce you to the solution of the PC display splash screen.


Display refresh rate is set too low.


    When the refresh rate of the display is set below 75Hz, the screen will often appear jittery and flickering, and the refresh rate will be raised appropriately. For example, if it is set higher than 85Hz, the phenomenon of screen jitter will not appear again.


The power transformer is too close to the display and the chassis


    When the power transformer is working, it will cause large electromagnetic interference, which will cause screen jitter. Keeping the power transformer away from the chassis and display can solve the problem.


Inferior power or power supply equipment aging


    Many of the components used in computer power supply are poor in workmanship and materials. It is easy to cause the computer's circuit to be poor or the power supply capacity can't keep up. When the system is busy, the display will especially appear on the screen. When the computer's power supply starts to age, it is also likely to cause the same problem.


The speaker is too close to the display


    The magnetic field effect of the speaker will interfere with the normal operation of the display, causing the display to produce magnetic interference such as screen jitter and crosstalk.




    Some computer viruses can upset the screen display, such as: character inversion, screen jitter, graphics flip display. The screen jitter scripts that are everywhere on the Internet are enough to make you big after the move.

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