How to do when barcode scanner connected to the computer

- May 27, 2019-

When we use the scanner, we will always encounter various problems. Today we will summarize it briefly.

1. If there is no reflection after barcode reader is connected to the computer

After connecting, is there a startup sound? If there is no startup sound, please check if the cable you are using is normal and the computer is normal. If the cable is confirmed to be normal and the computer is normal, it should be a problem with the scanner itself. If there is a startup sound, but there is no light, it is basically a problem on the motherboard.

2, Pos scanner has light, there is also decoding sound, but can not upload data?

Probably because the corresponding interface is not set, please scan the corresponding interface barcode. It should be noted that when using the serial port, it must be scanned in the HyperTerminal or converted by the communication program, otherwise the data will not be input. If the corresponding interface is swept, it may be a line problem.

3, when using the keyboard line, you can't scan the data, and the keyboard can't be used.

    There should be no corresponding bar code on the keyboard port, or there is a problem with your line.

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