How to Do When Barcode Reader cannot Scan the Bar Code

- May 02, 2018-

 How to Do when barcode Reader canot scan the Bar code


How to do? How do you check the problem If Pos barcode reader does not scan the bar code.

      First, analyze whether the quality of the bar code reaches the level or not. If the black bar is not full, it indicates that the bar code has been completely unreadable. It is recommended to check the bar code printing device.

      Second: Check the printed bar code is complete and whether the printed bar code exceeds the label boundary.

      Third: check what the bar code is printed, that is the type of bar code.

      Forth: Check if the barcode scanner work well and connect well.

      Fifth: check the content of Bar code is very tight or not.

     Please check one by one inspection process,according to the conditions corresponding to the problem, then ultimately solve the problem of the scanner does not upload.

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