How to deal with the insensitive phenomenon of the touch one machine

- Jul 11, 2018-

How to deal with the insensitive phenomenon of touch Screen POS?


     Phenomenon: When using the touch screen machine, the response is not sensitive, and the feeling does not reach the effect that was used before.


    1, first ,need to take a clean cloth or towel to clean up the touch screen of Touch Pos system , remove some dust or foreign matter.

    2. Restart the touch pos machine, you can open the touch driver to calibrate.

    3. Whether the screws behind the touch screen is loosened, all in one pos may not be sensitive, because the touch screen may be nailed too tightly.

    4. You can replace another USB port for the touch screen, the reaction is not sensitive, which may be caused by insufficient power supply or damage of the USB port.

    5, check the touch screen driver, if it is driver's problem, then only need to re-install the driver on it.

The above ways is a solution to the insensitivity for Touch screen pos machine. If none of the above methods can solve it, you need send it back to manufacturer, then to check and solve it.

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