How to Deal with for Some Common problem of Pos Cash Register

- Apr 20, 2018-

How to Deal with for Some Common problem of Pos Cash Register

1. Why the POS cash drawer suddenly canot close and open?

A: This may be caused by the banknotes slipping into the back of the cash drawer when the POS machine collects money. Just pull out the drawer and take out the stuck bills; the cash drawer box cannot open, check whether the cash drawer and the printer is connected or not,then observe whether the guide rails are deformed or stuck with hard objects. After the cash box is opened, it is difficult to shut it back, and check whether the foam in the cash box is taken out. If  it is taken out, check whether the cash box is locked or the drawer guide rail is deformed.


2. Why does the POS Monitor always flash?

A: Check if the signal cable of the monitor is loose, can be plugged in again. Or the adjustment button of pos touch monitor is in poor contact, It can be adjusted.


3, POS Touch Screen black screen?

 A. Whether there is no electricity supply. Check the power supply of the chassis power connector and power cable, check whether the interface of power supply and the power cable is loose, and the monitor is turned on or not, Please replace it in time,If the interface and power cable are damaged or broken. Check the power fan is exhausted or not.

B. Whether the display's power cable and VGA cable are connected properly; when the monitor is switched to another compute,it can display normally or not.

C. Whether the monitor's data line is broken or deformed.

D.Intermittent black screen appears when the PC is working. This is caused by voltage instability. When the voltage is stable, it will return to normal.


4, POS Barcode scaanner canot scan the bar code?

A: Check the cable of the scanner: The scanner should be connected to the keyboard interface or USB port on the back of the POS machine, or check if the connection between Pos barcode scanner and Pos machine is loose, it may cause the computer to crash,if the cable is loose.

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