How to connect touch display to WIN7 system to use touch effect?

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. Does the computer support touch function?

Open the Start menu, right-click on the Computer, select Properties from the pop-up shortcut menu, and open the System Properties window. Under the "System" category, there is an attribute called "Pen and Touch", which means that the computer supports touch operation as long as it is "available". As shown in Figure 1, if it is shown as "single touch", it means that the computer supports single touch, that is, it can operate with one finger; if it is shown as "multi-touch", then the table. This computer supports multi-touch and can operate with two or more fingers at the same time.

2. Firstly, the method of realizing mouse operation by touch is introduced. For devices that support touch screen, finger or special stylus can be used directly to point on the screen to achieve the result of mouse operation. For example, touching the content on the screen directly once can play the effect of left-click of the mouse, while fast touching twice can play the effect of double-click of the left-click; if touching and holding, wait a moment, there will be a gradually closed circle pattern around the touching point, when the circle first and last, there will be a right-click menu, and the time to form the circle is to prevent it. Delay time set by misoperation.

After the implementation of the left and right key click operation, there is a more difficult problem, that is, the pointing operation of the mouse. For example, when using the cursor, pointing the mouse pointer to a file on the screen, the system will automatically display the relevant information about the file in the way of screen prompts. But when using touch mode, this pointing operation is not easy to achieve. If the device uses electromagnetic inductive touch screen, then hovering the stylus at the distance of LCM above the screen can achieve the "pointing" operation. But now many devices, especially multi-touch devices, mostly use pressure-sensitive screen, which requires that the finger must be close to the screen surface in order to be effective.

3. In order to solve this problem, we can use the virtual mouse provided by Win7. This function can create a virtual mouse pattern on the screen. The mouse has left and right keys. Users can move the mouse pointer by dragging the virtual mouse to achieve the effects of pointing, clicking, double clicking, and right and left clicking. This function is not enabled by default and needs to be set up in the following steps.

4. Open the "Control Panel", enter "Hardware and Sound" in turn, "Pen and Touch", open the "Pen and Touch" dialog box and switch to the "Touch" tab. Under the "Touch Pointer" option, select "Display Touch Pointer when Interacting with Items on the Screen".

5. Click the "Advanced Options" button to open the Advanced Options dialog box, where you can set the virtual mouse displayed on the screen as needed, such as left-hand or right-hand habits, transparency and size of the virtual mouse, and cursor movement speed. After setting, click the "OK" button to close all open dialog boxes.

6. After the above settings, a virtual mouse pattern will appear around the touch point after clicking the screen with a finger or stylus. As shown in Figure 2, the mouse can then be dragged by a finger or stylus to move the pointer or click the left and right keys of the mouse to achieve the mouse click operation.

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