How to complete a store upgrade with a smart cash register machine in a small restaurant?

- Oct 16, 2018-

Many store supermarket owners have mixed feelings of big and small holiday shopping peaks. Too few customers are certainly not good, but too many customers are not necessarily good. There are too many people, the speed of ordering money can't keep up, the checkout time is too long, the customer is naturally impatient, and finally even the customer's impression of the store's heart is reduced, and then a new customer is lost.

At the beginning of last year, Mr. Zhang, a small restaurant, specially invited a temporary cashier to order the upcoming Spring Festival peak. Many people are now accustomed to using WeChat and Alipay to collect and pay. Mr. Zhang also purchased a smart cash register that can pay mobile scan code payment. However, it took a lot of time for customers to order food. The store was full of dragons. Some people went to the store and jumped away. Some of them waited for the checkout to be impatient. The delivery of food is more of a person to use as two people, very busy. What's even more frightening is that because the counter position of the store is too small, the cash register takes up a lot of positions, and the external equipment lines are cluttered together, which looks not only unsightly, but also easy to stumble.

This year, Mr. Zhang purchased the AIO-1588, 15-inch dual-screen smart cash register machine, which can support dual-screen display. The 15-inch large touchable main screen allows the store to directly process the order receipt. The other side of the HD screen can display the store. The product menu is available for customers to choose quickly. The AIO-1588 Smart Cashier All-in-One also features a hidden switching power supply design and a fire-resistant circuit board. One outlet, all the wiring is stored in it, the wiring traces are not seen from the outside, and the entire counter of the restaurant looks more neat. Geesung smart cash register AIO-1588 comes with a magnetic stripe card swipe slot, which can be used for membership card redemption and membership card fee consumption.

With the help of the Geesung cashier machine AIO-1588, Mr. Zhang finally managed to handle the cashier's check-up. Their small restaurant was also rated as a must-see shop by netizens, and many people came to taste their dishes. But now that even more tourists are coming, Mr. Zhang can handle it with ease, and the restaurant has officially completed a smart upgrade.

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