How to chose a ticket printer

- Apr 28, 2018-

How to chose a ticket printer?


    How to chose a ticket printer?  The best one is the right one. This is the “hard truth” that the Chinese people have always believed.


    Every company has its own personal needs, so when buying a ticket printer, you must be clear about what your needs are, and only pay for what you need.


     Print column width and replication capabilities are the two most important indicators for ticket printers. Saying that its "most important" does not mean that the technical content of these two indicators is the highest, but that if the user chooses the wrong one, and it does not meet the actual application, it will directly affect the user's use. Therefore, when choosing the ticket printer, you need to make careful choices about the print column width and the replication ability.


    In addition, the media's adaptability can not be ignored. Media adaptability refers to the thickness of the paper that the printer can print. In practical applications, the thickness of the printing paper is different due to different uses. For example, the invoices in business are generally thin, but in the postal industry due to the need to print thicker media such as postcards, envelopes, etc., then you have to choose ticket printers with strong media adaptability.


    Another important indicator is the print speed. The speed of the dot-matrix printer is expressed in terms of CPS. Although in practical applications the speed is as fast as possible, but because the printer often deals with thin paper and multi-layer paper, therefore, in the printing process, we must not blindly seek for speed. Instead, we must aim at smooth printing, accurate positioning, and clear writing.


    The last indicator is that the reliability of the printer is high. In practical applications, dot-matrix printers are often required to work continuously for a long time, and the work intensity is relatively large. Therefore, there are also considerable requirements for the stability of the printer.


    All indicators and parameters should be designed to make the ticket printer more useful. As an extensive and high-strength application product, ticket printers should be simple and easy to use in applications. After all, good use is our first priority when choosing a ticket printer.

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