How to choose the sutiable Barcode printer

- Jan 10, 2019-

    How should the user choose the label printer that suits his or her application? Can I choose the following?

   1. Number of prints: If you need to print more than 1000 labels per day, you need a high-volume industrial grade printer with a solid metal case. For a smaller number of prints, a desktop personal printer series can be used.

  2. Label size: The general label printer can print 4′′ X6′′ labels, which is in line with the current shipping label specifications, and can flexibly print labels of different sizes according to your needs.

Thermal Barcode Printer

  3. The content of the label: If you only need to print the barcode and text, the general label printer will be competent. In addition, if you want to print high quality images on the label, you can consider using a 300dpi print head for better results.

  4. Printing speed: Different styles of printers have different printing speeds, depending on the user's requirements for speed. Generally, the printer speed of a label printer is 2′′-6′′ per second. For a printer with a higher speed, if a large number of labels are to be printed in a short time, a high-speed printer is suitable.

Thermal label Printer

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