How to choose the most suitable scanner?

- Oct 25, 2019-

Is it your expectation to introduce high-end equipment, adapt to the development of the times, promote store operations and management, and improve work efficiency?

What is the role of the scanner? I believe everyone knows. But how to choose a suitable scanner is a question for many people!

Honestly, the scanning gun market is very chaotic, which directly leads many friends to buy a scanner device. There is no way to start, I don't know how to choose!

Therefore, Adu today will abandon those esoteric terminology and tell you in the most straightforward and simplest rhetoric: how to choose the most suitable scanner?

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a scanner?

First, the type of scanner

There are many types of scanners, such as laser scanners, red scanners, 1D scanners, 2D scanners, commercial scanners, industrial scanners, wired scanners, wireless scanners, and scanning platforms. Wait!

Therefore, before you buy, you must choose the corresponding scanner according to actual needs!

Second, the actual use distance

Different scanning guns, their scanning distance is also different!

If you are using the store for cash, in a fixed place, and the distance is very short, then there is no need to choose a wireless scanner, the most suitable is of course a wired scanner and scanning platform with stable transmission! On the contrary, you should choose a wireless scanner with long-distance transmission!

Third, the actual use of the scene

Before you buy, you must think about the following three questions:

1. Are you using it for business or industry? (commercial is more common)

2. Are you scanning a one-dimensional code or a two-dimensional code?

3. Do you want to check out the cashier or scan the bar code for inventory management?

Different uses, pay attention to the use of the scanner is not the same!

Fourth, the accuracy of the scanner

The accuracy of the scanner is also related to the quality of the scanner and the clarity of the scan. The smaller the accuracy, the better! Most of the market is 3mil, 5mil scanners. In general, ordinary barcodes are recommended to use 5mil scanners, while some fine and fine barcodes recommend 3mil high-precision scanners!

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