How to choose the keyboard of the supermarket cash drawer? After reading, you will understand

- Jan 10, 2020-

Supermarkets and shopping malls face a huge flow of people every day. A cashier has to deal with 300 customers in an average of 6 hours. At this time, a good cash register accessory is essential.

For the retailer's super store owner, if a cashier wants to increase the cashing speed, a good commercial keyboard is essential. Shangmi's 89-key keyboard is a keyboard specially created for Android cash registers. On the basis of ensuring the keyboard's small and beautiful volume design, the common area of the large number keys on the right is enlarged, which can meet the daily blind typing without error, and easily achieve the "key" step by step.

In addition, the independent Saigang key core design has been repeatedly tested by Shangmi Labs.Even a super "button maniac" can be easily held, effectively avoiding long-term use of key failure, key caps, and other problems. The waterproof design is also very practical and considerate.

Of course, the biggest highlight of this keyboard is the built-in cash shortcut key, which can open the cash drawer with one key, and it has programming functions. The 16 keys can set shortcut functions according to usage habits, so that each key can exert its value.

However, in order to achieve a high-efficiency smart cash register, a "good" keyboard is not enough. Of course, a cash box is necessary for the cash register.

Considering that the cash box is generally placed under the host device and needs to bear the load, this cash box uses a non-slip panel material. The trapezoidal appearance and the internal honeycomb structure design are very strong and resistant to pressure. .

Open the cash box, you can see that the wallet uses reinforced steel metal clips with noise reduction jackets, which can effectively avoid the noise caused by ordinary steel clips directly spring. It is indeed a product that has won 11 international design awards including the Red Dot Award and the iF Award. From the detailed design, the craftsmanship is manifested everywhere.

In addition, different from similar products, this cash drawer uses a wide voltage design, which effectively reduces the risk of short circuits, and no longer has to worry about the cash drawer being burned out because it does not match the voltage of the cash register.

In addition to the excellent quality of its own products, the overall compatibility of these two accessory products with Shangmi's cash register host equipment is also higher. This can effectively bridge the data gap between different devices, better integrate the daily operation information data of the store, further optimize and help the store improve operating efficiency, and form a healthy feedback and cycle.

In the age of the Internet of Things, no product exists in isolation. Behind the launch of each product of Shangmi is based on the "altruistic" starting from the needs and pain points of the merchants, from a single intelligent hardware product to an output combination solution, from the integration of software and hardware to the digital store model, to help businesses in all aspects Improve the operational efficiency of shops and realize digitalization of stores.

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