How to choose the barcode printer that suits you

- May 22, 2019-

At present, many companies do not know how to choose a barcode printer suitable for their products, which is wasted in this regard.

A lot of time and money. In fact, choosing a barcode printer is very simple. You only need to know the number of products you print and the type of barcode labels.

Method 1:

Select according to the type of barcode label

Some of the labels that require thermal transfer require thermal printing, thermal transfer, and thermal printing. So just need to know what material your label is, what kind of printing method is suitable, and then choose the printer is very convenient. Thermal transfer uses a printer ribbon to heat (hot) during the printing process and then transfer the ink from the ribbon to the label media. These images are long lasting and can be output to a wide range of media selection (paper and composite). Thermal transfer is the preferred method of printing for permanent labeling needs. Cracks appear on the face paper or the backing paper of the material, and the fibers pulled out at the cracks are stuck by the adhesive. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous or random. It may appear on one side of the reel material or on both sides. Therefore, before the self-adhesive material is printed on the machine, it may be necessary to carefully check the bottom paper. Is there a small crack on the paper?

Then, take a sample of the paper that has been inspected above, and peel off the backing paper to check again for cracks on the underlying paper and the backing paper, because the cracks are sometimes very small, and can only be found after separating the backing paper and the paper. It is worth noting that since the ink and the adhesive gradually accumulate on the paper guide roller of the printing press during printing, cracks may also occur at the edges of the adhesive material. Therefore, even if printing has begun, the above problems cannot be ignored. Thermal printing does not use ribbon, but directly to the label media, it is specifically coated for this method. The thermal reaction from the printhead is associated with the label of the coating and burned image. Direct thermal label sensitive, hot and other conditions, they will deteriorate, making them the most suitable short-term applications, such as shipping labels, warehousing labels and receipts. Direct thermal media is more expensive than thermal transfer bar code labels, but in fact, you don't have to buy ribbons to help reduce your cost of ownership.

Method 2:

Select the barcode printer according to the amount of printing

If the user label print volume is relatively large, you can consider the choice of industrial bar code printer, otherwise choose economical and practical Hu commercial printer

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