How to choose industrial monitor

- Apr 18, 2018-

How to choose industrial monitor


      Industrial monitor have many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response, and space saving. Users can get their desired information quickly by touching the screen with their fingers, thus making human-computer interaction more straightforward.


      The LCD screen of industrial monitor: The quality of the LCD screen which directly affects the display effect and the use effect of the whole machine. Therefore, it is necessary to select a high-quality LCD screen.


      The touch function of Industrial monitor: The current mainstream touch methods in the market are resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, and infrared touch screens. Resistive touch screens are not afraid of water vapor and oil, and are more suitable for use in industrial environments. The capacitive touch screen has a high resolution and good light transmittance, and is more suitable for use in various public places. The infrared touch screen determines the touch position through the on-off state of the infrared ray, and may be affected by external light.

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