How to Choose a Suitable Barcode Scanner

- May 28, 2018-

 How to Choose a Suitable Barcode Scanner

  What is the role of the scanner? As we all know. But how to choose a suitable scanner is a question for many people! What should we pay attention to when purchasing a barcode scanner?


First, the type of scanner


  There are many types of scanners, including laser scanner, red scanner, 1D scanner, 2D scanner, commercial scanner, industrial scanner, wired scanner, wireless scanner, and scanning platforms.

You must choose the corresponding scanner according to the actual needs, before you purchase.


Second, the actual use of scan distance

   Different scanning guns, their scanning distance is also different!


  When you are using in a shop, used in a fixed place, and the distance is short, there is no need to choose a wireless scanner. The most appropriate course is a wired scanner with a stable transmission and a scanning platform!

On the contrary, you should choose a wireless scanner with long-distance transmission!


Third, the actual use of the scene

   Before buying, please be aware of the following 3 questions:

1. Is it used for commercial or industrial use IP54 ? (commercial one commonly)

2. Does it scan one-dimensional code or scanning two-dimensional code?

3. Do you want to check out the pos system or scan the barcode for inventory management?


  Different useages, attention should be paid to the use of the scanner is not the same!


Fourth, the accuracy of the scanner


  The accuracy of the scanning barcode is also related to the quality of barcode reader and the clarity of the scanning. The smaller the precision, the better! Most of the market is 3mil, 5mil barcode scanner, Generally, the bar code is recommended to use a 5mil scanner, and some small, high precision bar code nedd recommend 3mil barcode scanner, such as in Jewelry, watch industry etc.


Fifth, scan speed


  The speed of scanning and recognition directly affects the level of work efficiency.

The scanning speed faster, the better, generally 250 times/s. At the same time, the better the scanning gun's decoding capability, the faster the recognition speed! Please according to the actual needs, view the product parameters, select the most appropriate scanner, when purchasing.

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