How to choose a barcode label printer

- May 10, 2018-

How to choose a barcode label printer


1. The number of prints:

If you need to print more than 1,000 labels per day, you will need a rugged, high-volume, industrial-grade printer with a metal case. For smaller quantities, you can use the desktop personal printer series.


2. The size of the tag:

A typical bar code printer can print "4X6" tags, which are in line with the current shipping label specifications. You can also flexibly print out different sizes of labels according to your needs. If you want to print wider labels, you need to select a wide format printer.


3. The content of the tag:

If you only need to print bar codes and text, a general bar code label printer is sufficient. However, if you need to print different barcodes (such as product number) or text (such as shipping labels) for each label and do not want to stop printing halfway, you will need a printer with a 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve the Productivity.


4. The quality of the label:

The printing resolution of the label printer is generally divided into 203dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi; the larger the value of dpi, the better of the printing effect. If you want to print high-quality images on labels, consider using a 300dpi printhead.


5. Print speed:

Different models of printers have different print speeds, depending on the user's speed requirements. General bar code label printers print at speeds of 2-6 c, while high-speed bar code label printers can print at speeds of up to 10c. If you need to print a large number of labels in a short time, you should use a high speed barcode label printer.


6. Application in different industries:

Barcode printers used on the production line or in warehouses should be more sturdy on models with a metal enclosure; desktop personal printers can be selected at the point of sale or office because they require less space and are easier to move.

CP-80350 barcode label printer

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