How to change Windows boot logo

- Jun 26, 2019-

Let us first think about a question, why different manufacturers' logos can replace Windows windows in their own computers: Dell's notebook is Dell's logo, and ASUS's notebook is ASUS's logo? Be aware that Microsoft will not launch different OSs for different vendors. If we can replace the manufacturer's logo with our favorite picture, will everything be solved?

You may have guessed it. As a UEFI column, the reason is of course in the UEFI firmware. UEFI has added a BGRT table (Boot Graphics Resource Table) in ACPI 5.0 (ACPI and UEFI). It is an optional form that the firmware uses to report to the OS the image it wants the OS to display at startup:

boot logo

The BGRT table is very simple compared to other ACPI tables, mainly the position and size of the image. Different motherboard manufacturers or OEMs will embed their own logo in the UEFI firmware and notify the OS in the BGRT. We only need to change the image address of BGRT to change the startup logo of windows 10/8/8.1. Even better, most BIOS will pass its startup logo to BGRT, we can double-edged!


The principle is so simple, it must be easy to replace the manufacturer's logo? The reality is cruel, because the location of the manufacturer's Image in the firmware is not fixed, so there is no simple and unified way to find and replace the firmware. The picture in . We only use local tools for different motherboard BIOS vendors to adapt to local conditions.

1. Intel NUC

For Intel products such as the NUC series, you can use the Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK) to replace the Intel logo image in the firmware.

Instructions for use are here:


2. Motherboard using AMI BIOS

AMI's motherboards are the majority of the market, we can use the Aptio Change Logo tool. We can download this tool on the AMI website:


3. Other BIOS, you can Google, generally.

In most cases, the BIOS logo and windows 10 logo will change!

Extended reading

1. For Windows 10 installed with Legacy BIOS, the above does not apply. But don't worry, we have other ways:

There used to be a tool called 8oot Logo Changer, but unfortunately only for Win8/Win8.1. Its principle is to crack off the bootres.dll of Windows, which has the famous window picture that started. It can be replaced with the standard way supported by the PE format, which is very convenient.

Although the tool fails in Windows 10, the principle still applies. We can open bootres.dll and replace the image with standard tools. Of course, this will be more troublesome than a fool-like tool. You can refer to this article:


2. For UEFI-installed Windows, there is an open source logo replacement tool called HackBGRT. It is a UEFI Shell app that will find and replace images in BGRT. Because it is a method independent of the specific BIOS vendor, it is suitable for all UEFI motherboards.

Its home page is:


Its Github repo is at:

Detailed instructions for use in


When I booted up, I saw my customized logo, and the cool Windows 10 splash screen can both cultivate the sentiment and improve the Bigger. It is really a tool for programmers to look after the nursing home. 

Finally, a reminder, the BIOS must be cautious, a little careless, the motherboard may become bricks.

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