How to buy ups for POS machine?

- Dec 06, 2019-

How to buy ups for POS machine?

Depending on the equipment, the power environment, and the purpose of power protection, you can choose a suitable UPS; for example, for low-power devices with built-in switching power supplies, you can generally choose a backup UPS. In areas where the power environment is harsh, you should choose online Or on-line UPS. For equipment that does not allow intermittent time or require sine wave AC power at all times, only online UPS can be used.

First of all, you must determine how much power your device has. Generally speaking, the power of ordinary PCs or industrial computers is about 200W, Apple computers are about 300W, and servers are between 300W and 600W. For the power values of other devices, refer to the Manual.

Secondly, we should understand that there are two ways to express the rated power of UPS: apparent power (unit VA) and actual output power (unit W). This difference is caused by the existence of reactive power. The conversion relationship between the two is: apparent In power * power factor = actual output power

The backup and online interactive power factor is between 0.5 and 0.7, and the online power factor is generally 0.8.

When equipping the equipment with a UPS, the actual output power of the UPS should be used as the basis for matching. Some dealers intentionally or unintentionally may confuse the difference between (VA) and (W), which should be brought to the attention of the user.

According to the use environment selection, it can be divided into industrial-grade UPS and commercial-grade UPS. Industrial-grade UPS is suitable for places where the environment is relatively harsh. Commercial-grade UPS has higher environmental requirements.

UPS is usually divided into two types of power frequency machine and high frequency machine. Power frequency machine consists of SCR rectifier, IGBT inverter, bypass and power frequency boost isolation transformer. Because the working frequency of its rectifier and transformer are both 50Hz, it is called power frequency UPS as the name suggests.

The high-frequency machine is usually composed of IGBT high-frequency rectifier, battery converter, inverter and bypass. IGBT can control the on and off of IGBT by controlling the driving applied to its gate. The switching frequency of IGBT rectifier is usually several K. To dozens of KHz, even up to hundreds of KHz, compared to 50Hz power frequency, it is called high-frequency UPS.

With the development of power electronics technology and high-frequency power devices continue to come out. Small and medium power UPS products are gradually becoming high frequency. High frequency UPS has the characteristics of large power density, small size and light weight. But in the process of the transition from high-frequency UPS power section to medium and large power. The high-frequency topology UPS exposes some inherent disadvantages during use and affects the safe use and operation of the UPS.

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