How to buy a POS card reader

- Oct 31, 2019-

How to buy a POS card reader

1.The quality of the merchant.

Merchants are an important part of a pos machine. Good pos machine brands, merchants have to give a force, at least not to hop non-profit merchants, and occasionally to hop merchants. Personally, in the current market environment, it is difficult for payment companies to estimate the code without skipping.

2. The mode of swiping. 

It is very important to open a diversified credit card mode. Generally, it is necessary to spend as much as possible in small quantities. The pos machine has both seconds and T1, and if the cloud flashes, it is a good pos machine. T0 mode can brush a large amount, which is convenient for capital turnover; T1 mode can brush a small amount, saving 3 yuan per withdrawal fee; cloud flash payment in addition to the lower rate, you can also participate in the bank's cloud flash payment card activity.

3. Whether to open a self-selected merchant. 

From the perspective of turnover and card-raising, the self-selected merchants are indeed a very important function, which makes it easy for us to select the card. (Swipe card machine, financial knowledge, loan skills can be found in the public number: POS machine service station)

4, The rate of card swiping. 

The current rates on the market generally have two intervals, one is a rate of around 0.55, and the other is a rate of around 0.63. Generally speaking, the merchants are of better quality, but the fees will be more. There are also some credit card machines such as 0.38 and 0.48. Such card readers are basically discounted, which is very bad for cards. Many friends have said that the rate of people is only 0.38, in fact, because of the type of public welfare. Of course, this should be taken care of, that is, the product rate is self-determined by the agent. It is necessary to prevent a machine with 0.55+3 positioning to market you into a 0.63+3 machine. Earn, you have not yet enjoyed high quality merchants.

5. The user experience of the APP. 

The user experience of the software is actually to verify the soft power of this brand. Some products, the registration process is cumbersome, the review is not timely, it is very troublesome when swiping the card; and some products, when you register and swipe the card, you will feel the humanization of the software product is very designed, all kinds of functions are complete and concise.

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