How to adjust the thermal printer if printing is not clear?

- Jan 25, 2020-

When the printer can be used normally, the print content is not clear enough, or the print is not clear after a period of time (usually because the ambient temperature has changed)

Processing steps: Operation point "1. Start" on the computer → "2. Devices and printers (start from win10 and then click Settings → Devices → Printers and Scanners → Devices and Printers)" → 3. Right-click the printer icon → 4. Print Preferences → 5. Options

Thermal printing is not clear


Adjust the printing speed and darkness, slow down the printing speed, deepen the darkness, and then print a try, perfect solution!



Generally, the thermal printer does not print clearly because the printer prints too fast, and the printer's heating resistor does not have enough heat and time to allow the printing paper to react. Find the source and solve it!

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