How to adjust the sensitivity of the barcode scanner

- Jul 08, 2019-

    Some customers reflect how your barcode scanner is not sensitive, the scan speed of the scanner is too slow, etc. How to improve the sensitivity of the barcode scanner reasonably? Perhaps it is because the difference in your scanning angle and distance affects the final result of your scan.


   Scanning distance of barcode scanner

  Because different types of bar code scanners have different depth of field, the scanning distance is different, so the depth of field of the bar code scanner must be clearly defined.

  The working distance of the red bar code scanner is limited to 0-30cm, but the newly produced red bar code scanner has effectively extended the depth of field to 60cm.

  The laser bar code scanner has the longest depth of field. Before the 20-100 go out, some special laser guns are specially used to scan large bar codes. The depth of field can reach a few feet depth difference. The price of the bar code scanner can be extracted.


  When applying the scanner, the bar code scanner touches the surface of the label. Typically, the application in the retail, corporate office, and processing plants uses close-range scanning, while the warehouse distribution and shipping operations are typical. Use a long distance scanner.

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