How should the label printer be maintained?

- Feb 11, 2019-

How should the label printer be maintained? 

How often does it take to maintain it once?

To maintain the performance and longevity of the labeling machine, the label printer should be cleaned regularly.

Note: Always remove the battery and disconnect the power adapter before cleaning the label printer.

Cleaning the label machine body

Wipe the dust and smudges from the main unit with a soft, dry cloth. For stubborn stains, wipe the cloth slightly dampened with water and wipe.

CAUTION: Do not use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, or any other organic solvent as this may cause the labeler casing to deform or damage the appearance of the labeler.

Cleaning the print head

Striping or ambiguous characters on printed labels usually indicate that the printhead is dirty. Use a cotton swab or print head cleaning cartridge (TZ-CL4) to clean the printhead. Note: Do not touch the print head directly with your hand.

Refer to the instructions included with the printhead cleaning cartridge for instructions on how to use it.

Clean ribbon cutter

After repeated use, the ribbon will accumulate on the cutter blade, causing the blade to lose sharpness, which can cause the ribbon to become clogged in the cutter.

Note: The cutter blade should be wiped with a cotton swab dampened with ethanol (alcohol) approximately once a year.

Do not touch the cutter blade directly with your hand.

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