How much is the POS system?

- Oct 11, 2019-

How much is the POS system?

What should you pay attention to when choosing cashier software

How much is the cashier system? There is a shop owner asked me: "are preparing to open a shop, but I do not know to sweep the yard the cashier system how to choose, you have a computer also need to buy a cash register, online direct download system on, cashier system, combined with the receipt printer, credit card, money, these basic supermarket equipment, a set of how many money?"

Indeed, which system is better?How much does a cashier system cost?Troubled the boss of a lot of open a shop, operate as a supermarket small white, how can ability choose the cashier system that suits oneself?

The following is an example of zhong lun cashier system.

Support multi-terminal login

Different stores use different devices, some of them are Windows pos machines or computers, some of them directly use mobile phones to register, and some supermarket owners will use android touch screens in pursuit of beauty.Zhongrun cashier system is equipped with multi-terminal equipment, and the data can be synchronized with multi-terminal in real time.

Second, the software is simple and easy to use

Some single version of the supermarket cashier system, the interface experience is very poor, try to find a function to look for a long time.Zhonglun cashier system has a professional experience designer team to design user experience, interface clean, easy to use functions.

Third, the price is affordable

Store scale is not big, it is not necessary to spend tens of thousands of costs to buy a complex invoicing system, such as qianfan shopkeeper cloud supermarket cashier system, the annual charge, will be cheaper and more affordable.

In addition, POS machines and code scanners that we care about are packaged together. The cheapest package is less than 3,000 yuan, and a year's use of the cashier system and free access to WeChat alipay can be said to be very suitable for small shops.

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